Green Classroom Project

Green Room

As aimed to educate the efficiency use of electricity and conserve environment for the youth in school and also to conclude the school as a network to reduce global warming.
In the Green Classroom, EGAT installed learning equipment of electricity source, usage and direction of how to choose the efficiency electronic products. Students can be knowledge in this room and activities outside the Green Classroom. This idea has expanded to other schools and communities.

EGAT started to establish the school and official operate since 1997. Until 2008, there are elementary schools and high schools participated in the project at 439 schools from all over the country.

In Songkra Province, the school in Green Classroom project is counted at 10 schools, which is from Songkra Town 5 schools, Hatyai Town 2 schools, Na Tawee Town 1 school, Chana Town 1 schools, and Sadao 1 school.